The Institute of Medical Science (IMS) Magazine is a graduate department-guided, student-led initiative that communicates health science research with a translational focus. The IMS Magazine’s audience extends from the IMS department to the broader scientific community within the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Toronto, and clinicians, scientists, and medical staff at affiliated hospitals.

The goal of the IMS Magazine is to showcase and synthesize novel research findings by IMS faculty, and to place these findings within the broader context of current scientific knowledge.

The IMS Magazine is published quarterly in print and digital format (.pdf) since its launch in January 2011. Each issue garners approximately 1500 digital views and is distributed in hard copy to 500 readers. In the past year, the magazine has:

  1. Increased awareness within the scientific community at the University of Toronto and at affiliated research centres about: current and ongoing research within the IMS and Toronto biomedical research community, novel advancements in treatments and therapies, current statistics and facts about the health of the Canadian population, research techniques and tools being utilized by IMS faculty and students, and both patient and lab-bench perspectives of health science.
  2. Served as a communication platform for the entire IMS community to unite, under one publication, the scientists, clinicians, graduate students, and other trainees within the department.

The Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto
The Institute of Medical Science (IMS) is one of the largest graduate departments at the University of Toronto and the largest within the Faculty of Medicine with over 600 faculty members and more than 450 trainees. This diverse department includes clinicians, scientists, and graduate students who all pursue research intended to impact medicine. The multidisciplinary nature of the institute, and its focus on bridging the gap between basic and clinical science, epitomizes the breadth of medically-focused research conducted across the University of Toronto campus, its affiliated research centres, and hospitals. World-class clinicians and researchers at the IMS translate fundamental discoveries in basic science into improved clinical care, preventative medicine, and successful health promotion.

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