Behind-The-Scenes with Michelle Rosen

Behind-The-Scenes with Michelle Rosen

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By Yekta Dowlati
Photograph courtesy of Chung Ho Leung

Originally from Burlington, Michelle Rosen grew up mostly in Toronto. She completed her honours bachelor’s in sociology with a double minor in women’s studies and history at the University of Toronto (UofT). She had initially contemplated about working in academia, but after travelling around the world during some time off, she started administrative work at UofT in 1996. She worked for the government, but yet again she came to UofT in the field of administration emphasizes how she really “really enjoy(s) organizing and coordinating projects.”

Rosen was initially hired as a temporary worker at the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) to replace a colleague on maternity leave as Student and Faculty Affairs Coordinator in June 2012. During that time she managed IMS awards, faculty appointments, and curriculum administration. Rosen worked closely with the graduate coordinators, faculty, students and staff to ensure that they were nearing achievable goals that promoted IMS’ translational approach to education. Towards the end of her temporary arrangement, she applied for her current position in IMS and became a term employee in November 2013. Rosen’s new position is very intriguing; she currently works as the Curriculum Coordinator, where she focuses on the development of the new Translational Masters program. She coordinates all curriculum related committees and manages all administrative processes related to courses and course evaluation. Rosen works closely with the director of the Translational Masters program and the IMS course director to develop new course content for the program.

For Rosen, social communication is paramount in her present position, “I really enjoy talking to students and enjoy being an advocate for them.” She specifies that her job requires multitasking, customer-service skills, and organization. Although challenging, Rosen finds her current position very gratifying, “I bring a creative, flexible and friendly approach to my work, and enjoy the engagement and resulting successes.”

It is fascinating to know Rosen cherished her interest in website design by enrolling in a web development program at Humbler College in the fall of 2011. This background has made her even more valuable to IMS, as she is one of the co-leads on the design team for developing the new IMS website (

Rosen has a special love for travelling, “All the places I go and people I meet inspire me in life.” She is encouraged by the difference and by the unknown, and in this way travelling impacts her vision about the world. Among the locations she has travelled so far, her favourite is India.

One will be amazed of Rosen’s many hobbies outside of work, with perhaps the most fascinating being water polo. Rosen is a professional water polo player. Being a swimmer since childhood, she started playing water polo about four years ago and recently her team won a gold medal at a European water polo tournament. She also recently ran her first 10K in December 2013 after a few months of training. Moreover, Rosen has a profound interest in cooking, declaring her love of cooking shows.

Insider Information:
Favourite dessert: Apple pie and ice cream
Favourite vacation spot: India
Favourite store: IKEA
Favourite TV show: Big Bang Theory
Favourite pet: Cats
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite sport to watch: Figure skating
Last read: A dance with dragons