Director’s Message

Director’s Message

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There is no better time to discuss Addictions than in this Winter 2019 edition of the IMS Magazine. While the recent legalization of marijuana and the ongoing opioid crisis have raised many questions and concerns surrounding drug use, they have also renewed our interest in understanding the fundamental concepts of addictions. This issue features the work of Drs. Tony George, Andrea Furlan, Hance Clarke, Isabelle Boileau, Svetlana Popova, and Jurgen Rehm, and we are privileged to hear their perspectives on the achievements and challenges of addictions research.

The IMS Magazine also speaks with Dr. Allan Kaplan, former Director of the IMS, and Dr. Tom Waddell, our Keynote Speaker for our 2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Program Research Day as part of the Faculty Spotlight. Past students Dr. Kasey Hemington and Paul Kelly reflect upon their time in the IMS and share how their graduate studies have contributed to their current success.

During the fall, we also hosted the last of the IMS 50th Anniversary events: the 2018 Ori Rotstein Lecture in Translational Research, with Dr. Molly Schoichet, Ontario’s first Chief Scientific Officer, providing a riveting keynote presentation. I would like to thank everyone for attending this special event and I hope all our students went home feeling inspired and ready to take on the world of medical science.

Lastly, I would like to extend my congratulations to the Editors-in-Chief, Priscilla Chan and Chantel Kowalchuk, and to the entire IMS Magazine team, for publishing this exciting issue. The IMS Magazine continues to demonstrate what makes our institute so special and I look forward to sharing this issue with my friends and colleagues. On behalf of everyone at the IMS, I would like to wish everyone a happy and successful new year!

Dr. Mingyao Liu