Director’s Message

Director’s Message

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With the entrance of the new season comes the publication of the Spring 2019 IMS Magazine. Spring is a time of development, emergence, and growth; this coincides nicely with the theme for this issue: Emerging Medical Technologies. Medicine is in the midst of any exciting time, where new technologies are taking the field to unknown places. Our scientists in the IMS are at the forefront of discovery, using these medical technologies to treat disease, discover more about our physiology, and perform surgeries, amongst other things.

A select few scientists are profiled in this issue, who are using medical technologies and techniques in exciting new ways. 3D printing is infiltrating all disciplines, including medicine, and Dr. Anne Agur and Dr. Christopher Forrest share how they each use 3D printing: one to discover new details about the musculoskeletal system, and another for craniofacial surgery planning and training. Another medical technique being repurposed by IMS scientists is deep brain stimulation (DBS), is a fairly new technique that is gaining traction in the field of mental health. Dr Nir Lipsman shares how he uses DBS for the treatment of anorexia, while Dr. Blumberger uses a new type of stimulation called theta burst stimulation for depression. MRI is also being used in ways, one of which is by Dr. Andrew Dueck, who uses MRI in a novel way to select the appropriate vascular surgery technique. Finally, Dr. Cynthia Goh shares how she commercialized her discovery of diffraction based sensing, created a company, and started an entrepreneurship course to educate future scientists.

The IMS magazine has also written a number of Viewpoint articles, covering the latest automations in healthcare, debating the use of animals in research, and informing us on the CRISPR baby. There are also Viewpoints on a number of subjects beyond medical technology, including the emergence of ominous predatory publishers, the recent dissolution of the Ontario health network by our government, and the threat of antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Finally, the issue gives an overview on some of the exciting events happening around the IMS, such as a new student-run podcast, IMSSA’s Bell Let’s Talk Day campaign, and the translational research program (TRP) event on medical device regulation.

As always, I would like to commend the IMS editors, journalists, photographers, and design team for the excellent production they have put together this semester. This Spring issue truly highlights the novel innovations and research being performed in the IMS, and I encourage you to read and learn something new!


Dr. Mingyao Liu