IMS magazine: New leadership, more support, Can they do it?

IMS magazine: New leadership, more support, Can they do it?

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By: Brittany Campbell

Since it’s conception in 2010, the IMS magazine has become well known in the University of Toronto. The original team worked extremely hard to bring it together, and now, four years later, these individuals are moving on to bigger and better prospects. Some may see this as an inconvenience, as it coincides with the time where interest in the IMS magazine from staff and students has peaked. I see it as an exciting time. All eyes are on the ‘new kids on the block.’

If the magazine wants to keep improving, they have to maintain the momentum they already have. The magazine has represented the graduate department so well as a student-run initiative that all of a sudden, the ‘adults’ want to get involved. The staff at the IMS are now looking at us and asking where we are going to go, and how we are going to integrate ourselves into the greater goals of the department as a whole. This is beneficial because it gives the publication access to more money, exposure and connections. Now that we have their attention, we have to stand up.

There are many ideas flying around: adding a podcast supplement, improving the website, showcasing articles on the new IMS website that will be launched soon. These are all great ideas in theory that could really widen the audience. The magazine already has a problem with dissemination of hard copies, so these ideas help reach readers in places where their attention is already focused, online. But it will take hours of commitment and hard work.

As busy graduate students who write for fun, the magazine team is now under a pressure that has never existed before. This can push them in one of two ways. They can either come together with a newfound persistence, demanding more commitment for everyone involved, or the students will be overwhelmed with deadlines and the passion for writing will be forgotten. Only time will tell if enough students see the potential in this publication to see it really thrive.