Letter From the Editors

Letter From the Editors

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Hoping to offer a unique perspective into the research conducted at the Institute of Medical Science (IMS), this combined Spring/Summer issue of the IMS Magazine focuses on Rare Diseases. As a result, we highlight a broad spectrum of faculty members investigating a range of uncommon conditions. Specifically, Dr. Mohammad Reza Akbari discusses distinct Mendelian genetic mutations within the Iranian population and Dr. James Eubanks explains advances in Rett Syndrome. There is also a piece on trigeminal neuralgia (TN), dubbed the “suicide disease”, with Dr. Mogjie Hodaie as well as an interview with Dr. Manuel Carcao on hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders. Further, Dr. Elise Héon describes the genetic basis for retinal dystrophies and Dr. Neal Sondheimer comments on mitochondrial DNA mutations.

We are also excited to share Faculty Spotlight articles on Dr. Dafna Gladman, who was recently awarded the prestigious Carol Nachman Prize for her important work in rheumatology, as well as Dr. Alan Moody and recent developments in medical imaging. We also cover the IMS Student Association’s (IMSSA) participation in the “World’s Largest Photo Awareness Campaign”, supporting the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and Purple Day for epilepsy awareness. There are also thought-provoking Viewpoint articles on science communication and the Ontario electoral race, as well as two insightful book reviews. Importantly, as a part of the IMS 50th Anniversary Retrospective series, we are thrilled to include an article about Dr. Jack Laidlaw–one of the founders of the IMS–with a commentary from Dr. Allan Kaplan.

Finally, we would like to announce that this is the last IMS Magazine issue with us as co-Editors-in-Chief. We are especially grateful for our wonderful team of talented journalists, editors, designers, and photographers, whose continuous hard work and creativity has made this issue possible. We would also like to thank Dr. Mingyao Liu and the IMS for their constant support.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and would love to hear any questions, comments, thoughts or feedback that you may have. Please feel free to email us, visit our website (www.imsmagazine.com), or reach out to us in person.

Happy Reading!
Anna & Lindsay