Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors

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When we were brainstorming themes for this issue, no real creativity was required. With the recent legalization of marijuana and the devastating state of the opioid crisis, Addictions was the obvious choice for our Winter 2019 theme. In addition, many of our IMS community members are key leaders in addictions research. We have the unique opportunity to learn about the ground-breaking addictions research in our department which are influencing present-day policies and healthcare outcomes. With such as great group of individuals, our only challenge was to feature as many leaders as possible in our Winter 2019 issue.

We speak with Dr. Tony George, the Chief of the Addictions Division at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, about the impact of marijuana legalization in the context of mental health. Dr. Andrea Furlan, gives us a pain specialist’s perspective on the opioid crisis and shares how she and her team are working to reduce this crisis with an educational app. Dr. Hance Clarke touches on both the causes of opioid overuse and his excitement at the use of cannabis for pain management, from the perspective of an anesthesiologist. Dr. Isabelle Boileau discusses the use of brain imaging to understand the mechanism of addiction. Finally, Dr. Svetlana Popova touches on alcohol addiction and the importance of alcohol avoidance during pregnancy, while Dr. Jurgen Rehm discusses the epidemiology of drug use.

We also have our Faculty Spotlight, where we feature non-addiction researchers Dr. Tom Waddell and Dr. Allan Kaplan, as well as our Student Spotlight where we catch up with former IMS student Dr. Kasey Hemington, a co-founder an e-newsletter featuring neuroscience, and former BMC student, Paul Kelly, a highly sought-after medical illustrator. Finally, we highlight recent events: the IMS Ori Rotstein lecture, and the Canadian Society of Nephrology conference.

We have also put together a wide range of opinion pieces to spark your interests. What is addiction really? How prepared are we for the legalization of marijuana? What is the best method of rehabilitation? Should elder loneliness be a government priority? Is there a benefit to withholding patient diagnoses?

We hope you find this issue fascinating, and that it provides new information and perspectives on addiction. As always, we welcome any feedback or comments you may have. Please feel free to email us at imsmagazine@gmail.com, visit our website at imsmagazine.com, or talk to us in person if you see us around campus.

Happy Reading!
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