Letter to the Editor – Anonymous

Letter to the Editor – Anonymous

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Dear Editor,

The magazine looks great! I do have one comment I’d like to add: One of your writers made a comment about individuals with persistent bad breath as a marker of social ineptitude (see “Social Ineptitude,” Fall 2012)—I might add that individuals reading this who suffer from the medical condition known as oral candidasis might be offended by this statement. This is a very difficult fungal infection that immunocompromised individuals (e.g. people with AIDS, etc.) must endure on a regular basis. People with diabetes, as well as the older population, also have to deal with this condition. One of the problems with having a nasopharyngeal fungus infection is the smell that is associated with it. This is, in turn, connected to bad breath—but very few people actually know the cause. It is not due to a lack of hygiene, it is because the immune system can’t fight a fungus that lives in our bodies.

I myself have dealt with this for several years but only was recently diagnosed. Thankfully, my doctor was able to diagnose it and prescribed me an antifungal medication. However, many people who have this condition are not even aware of it.

Before making such strong statements, it would be advisable to do one’s research on things like this. People might take it the wrong way and be hurt or offended—just a recommendation.

– Anonymous