Women’s Health Issue: Director’s Message

Women’s Health Issue: Director’s Message

Summertime is not the time only for holidays here at the Institute of Medical Science. Throughout the year, IMS researchers work on the medical issues that are vital to the wellbeing of our community locally and globally, and “Women’s Health” is no exception. We are proud of the diverse, multidisciplinary work being done at the IMS to improve the health of women and girls everywhere. In this issue you can read about Dr. Maureen Trudeau’s efforts to provide more individualized treatments for breast cancer patients, and Dr. Robert Casper’s mission to improve diagnostic tests for endometriosis, an understudied condition affecting one in ten women. You’ll learn about the important role that estrogens play in cognition in women of all ages from Dr. Gillian Einstein’s projects on brain health, and read about Dr. Donna Stewart’s work developing patient decision making aids for pregnant women with major depressive disorder as well as her efforts educating healthcare professionals on how to treat women who’ve experienced intimate partner and sexual violence.

Education and training are a key component of the IMS. Every year we host a “Summer Undergraduate Research Program” (SURP) that attracts many talented young students eager to learn about the IMS graduate experience. About 100 undergraduate students from universities around the world join our laboratories and our researchers for the summer. These talented students invest their summertime in learning laboratory skills and cultivating a mindset for science. We are proud to offer this unique program at the Faculty of Medicine to foster the new generation of scientists that ends with a final competition at the SURP Scientific Day. This is a great opportunity not only for the undergraduate students, which often end up joining our program, but also for our current graduate students at the IMS as a teaching experience.

Our department is growing more and more every year, and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome new faculty who have joined the IMS Core Team: Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier as Director of Graduate Professional Development and Alumni Engagement, Dr. Zhong-Ping Feng as Director of International Development, Dr. Nicole Harnett as Director of Curriculum, Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky as Director of MSC1010/1011Y, Dr. Karen Gordon as Chair of Faculty Appointments Committee, and Dr. Chung-Wai Chow as Chair of Student Awards Committee. We are excited to announce these new leaders and we look forward to the next academic year.

Finally, we take this opportunity to remind the IMS Magazine readers of two important events: the welcoming of our new graduate students during the Orientation Day (on September 4th, 2019), and our prestigious Ori Rotstein Lecture on Translational Medicine, which will take place this fall.

I am proud of the excellency that the IMS continues to develop and of the success of our students.  I would like to commend IMS Magazine’s new Editors in Chief, Beatrice and Natalie, and all the editors, journalists, and photographers as well as the design team for the excellent production they have put together this semester. This Summer issue truly highlights the novel innovations and research being performed in the IMS, and I encourage you to read and learn something new in this Summer issue 2019!


Dr. Mingyao Liu

Photo by IMS Office